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Our bathhouse at Soak House Adelaide features:

Magnesium Onsens

Ice Bath

soak house adelaide onsen pool
ice plunge bath in soak house adelaide

Hot Rock Sauna

More to come...

soak house adelaide sauna
onsen pool in adelaide

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and retreat with one of our 45 or 90-minute Soak Sessions.

With each Soak Session you also have the option to add on a massage or co-working pass for a package deal.

*Soak House is an 18+ bathhouse.

Soak House Adelaide is a communal space. While we do our best to be accommodating and separate different group bookings during non-peak hours, it is not a guarantee that you will have complete privacy from other guests when using the onsens, cold plunge, or sauna at any time.

Our Sessions

magnesium onsen pool in adelaide
japanese onsens in soak house adelaide
sauna in soak house adelaide
soak house adelaide ice bath
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